Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time for more sketches

Wow, I really have let my blog go lately...
Part of the reason is that I feel I never have any finished works to show, my mind just doesn't seem to want to stay in one place for very long.
Maybe it's an INFP thing! :P

Also, my wacom suddenly resigned from its long and faithful duty.
(I don't blame it, after all it's over seven years old now, that must be like a thousand years for a digital item!)
Still, I am devastated - no more drawing on the computer for a while...

However I have filled out a lot of pages in my sketchbook lately, mainly thanks to our weekly Drink & Draw sessions.
Yes, it is still alive, and thriving!
There will be more posts about it later, with pictures and everything!

Here are some of the Drink & Draw-drawings, some of the ideas are from the other guys there (the photos are taken and edited with my tablet, some have been experimented on in photo apps (and sorry about the poor quality!)):

In case you are wondering, yes that is Saruman being headrubbed by an ent.
It is absolutely not finished, I am working on it in PS (and without my wacom it is a bit difficult :/ ).

I try to blog a bit more often from now on, and more finished drawings will come soon, I promise!

Kthxbai for now!

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