Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A hurried doodle of pain

I felt compelled to describe my sufferings of the last day of my London trip, after almost ruining my feet on quite a few kilometers of London pavement :P

Pictures of London

Last week I spent some days in London.
It was a very exiting trip indeed!

I also bought some new art supplies; two sketchbooks, a wooden box with pencils and coals (special offer - down from £40 to £21!) and 4 bottles of inks! (Winsor&Newton FTW!) (Although two of the colours I already have... Alas, my messy head! *facepalm*)

I plan to make some more drawings in the days to come, but things may be a bit slow as I'm dead tired for the moment :P

Take care!


Friday, 1 April 2011

A couple of night time sketches

Couldn't sleep, so I spent the night watching cheesy tv series and scribbling in my sketchbook.
Here's the result (or at least, the drawing-related results; not going to post a picture of my bleary, red eyes or elaborate further on my belly ache after too much coke and potato chips :P )  :

I suppose it's bedtime now. Nighty night, everyone! (Or, for some, good morning!)