Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Weird Drawing

This is a drawing that I’m currently working on, not really sure what to do with it…'

I used inks, and now I’m continuing in photoshop.
My inkwork is quite messy, and it annoyes me to no end that I’m not more patient and thorough.

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  1. FINALY, i've been waiting for a place to follow your stuff! To sum up some stuff, I totally agree with you that drawing from real life is boring, but the more knowledge you have a bout real life stuff, the more you can look away from it (or sumthing)! I've always liked your jesters, he's so... you... If you get what I mean:P And to the new drawing, I like what I'm seeing, and I'm looking forward to see what the finished version will look like (hope I'm not jixing it D:) Really like the "hovering rocks" and I wish I came up with the idea first:P Keep up the good work!!!