Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Jester

For some reason a jester turned up in by head a few years ago, and I got a bit obsessed by him.
So I made several drawings, here are some of them:

Pencil Jester, 2008 

Ink Jester, 2008

Ink Jester, 2009

This one I hastily made while on holiday in 2008.
It was kinda messy and I really wasn’t satisfied, but I liked the idea.
So, in 2010, I continued working on it in photoshop.
Here’s the result:

I’m still not done with the joker, so I keep making joker-drawings, but I haven’t finished any of the others.


  1. Hi!

    Nice work you do! I like it :)
    I wonder what kind of tekniks you have been using in photoshop for this pic?

    I hope you understand my bad enlish! And I hope you can get a change to answer me.


  2. Hello, and thanks a lot :)

    Hmmm, I still have a lot to learn in PS, a lot of the methods I used might not be the most effective way to do things, but here goes:
    In this pic I used the clone Stamp Tool a lot and used the colors and texture that were in the original drawing instead of adding other colors in PS.
    I drew the bottles digitally - actually just one, and then I multiplied them, rotated them and scattered them around, then added light and shadow on each of them.
    I used brushes to add shadows and highlights.
    Liquify and clone stamp on the floor.
    And then I added texture by using layers with pictures of cracked walls ect.

    Hope this was a useful answer :)