Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hello on yourselves!

So, this is my new blog, where I will indulge in shameless self-promotion.
Or, at least, publish some of my drawings and write a little about the stuff I do and things like that.
I’m pretty much self-taught and not particularly good, but I’m continuously trying to improve.
So feel free to give me some feedback!  :)

Mainly I’m working with inks and markers and a bit of photoshop.
Sometimes I make pencil drawings, but for some reason I find that extremely boring.
Mostly, I draw stuff I make up in my own head.
In other words, I’m not very fond of (or good at) making realistic art, but sometimes I practice a bit anyway.
Even if I do prefer to make stuff up, it’s sometimes an advantage to be able to make things look the way they should!

Hope you like my blog, do leave comments!  :)

-Siv Mørk

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